The Gmvault-Users forum:

Before to report a feature/problem check first the Google Group Gmvault-Users to see if it has not been already addressed previously.
You can also join the Gmvault-Users group. Go there to learn how to join the Gmvault-Users Group.
If you cannot find any solution to your problem in the Gmvault-Users group, please follow the "procedure" below to inform the developers about it.

Information to provide

Please fill at least the following information to allow us to evaluating the validity of the request and reproduce the problem:

- What version of Gmvault do you use ?

- On what Operating System (Linux flavour, MacOSX, Win7/XP/Vista) ?

- Type of requests (Bug, documentation issue, features) ?

- Explain the request subject (issue details, feature details):

- In case of bug or issue, please detail how we can reproduce the problem:

- Contact details (emails to recontact you if you didn't use the github interface):

Using the Gmvault Github repository issue facility

You can report bugs, issues, missing features on github in the issues area of the gmvault repository:here.

Via email

You can also send an email to Gmvault. If the email describes a legitimate issue, I will create an issue ticket on github.

Many thanks, your help is precious to improve Gmvault.